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Building Skills Through Immersive On-Site Training

Our company is committed to empowering our learners to gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the highway electrical sector. We offer competency-based qualifications aligned with national occupational standards across all sub-sectors within the highway electrical industry, empowering learners to demonstrate their abilities through practical on-site assessments.

Our induction process introduces key concepts such as health and safety, environmental practices, communication, and reinforces basic best practice principles relevant to the learners everyday work activities including daily planning and preparation. Learners then build comprehensive portfolios demonstrating their occupational competencies. comprehension and capabilities. Our qualified assessors review all evidence like workbooks, job sheets and videos to verify competency. Through ongoing training, site assessments, and final evaluations, we ensure learners meet qualification requirements and receive certification. Our goal is build on the skills of highway electrical professionals assisting them to excel in their careers.

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What We Do?

Highway Electrical Partner

We support you in your Highway Electrical industry compliance.

HERS Portfolio management

If HERS seems daunting, we can guide and handle the entire process for you.

HERS & NHSS8 advice

Guiding you through industry standards and requirements

HESA training advice

Recommending the optimal training to advance your skills

Health & Safety advice

Ensuring safe practices through ongoing safety guidance

ISO9001 & 45001 and internal audit advice

Supporting effective quality and safety management systems

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We Value Your Goals and Growth

To Build Your Future in The Highway Electrical Industry

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We specialise in addressing your business challenges through a consultative approach in every client interaction. Our goal is to deliver practical solutions that empower your organisation to achieve optimal business results.

We tackle your unique business issues with a discreet and pragmatic strategy, ensuring the integration of industry best practices into your business goals.

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